Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Won't Believe What She Did With A Bathroom Cabinet

I am a sucker for things that can be given a new life - especially if they are made with good bones.  It truly kills me to rip out something in a remodel and not find a new purpose for it, especially if it can be salvaged in any way.  Like this bathroom cabinet:


We pulled it out because we are gutting and remodeling this upstairs bathroom.  It was built and added to this bath shortly before we purchased the home about 15 years ago, and is not 1929 original.  We don't wish to keep it in the bathroom, because it takes up too much space, and the style is not right for what we wish to do.  But the carpenter did such a good job, I just hate to throw it on the debris pile.

So I didn't.  I have long wanted a plate cabinet or rack to break up a small hallway that runs from our entry to the kitchen.  This may not have been exactly what I would have drawn up, but it was close enough not to consider it.

I ripped out a couple of the shelves, touched up the paint, and adhered fabric to the back of the cabinet with starch.  I also added a furniture handle to one of the shelves as a plate stop.

Due to its weight, I decided to paint an old sewing machine cabinet and place it under the shelf for support.  The upper is attached to the wall to keep it from falling over, but the weight is on the sewing cabinet.

The depth is great for this hallway, and I'm truly delighted with the results.  A tall cabinet is what was needed in this space, and I'm really happy it came from something that could have been thrown out as useless.

Doesn't it look different?
That sure was fun!


  1. A furniture handle?? What a great idea!!! In the past I've nailed down a quarter round strip, but this is how the shelf turned out!!! hugs....

    1. Thanks so much, Sweet Violets. My favorite thing about blogland is the ideas we get from each other. Thanks for the encouragement :)