Thursday, January 29, 2015

Picture Frame Frosted Windows

 I live in a house built in 1929 and this picture is of my lavender bathroom.  Today I'm drawing your attention to the windows I get to look out when I bathe in my tub.  Aren't they wonderful?  And the view when I am in the tub...... is almost always a brilliant, ombre, blue sky filled with ever changing cloud pictures.  It's like getting to be a kid again - every day.

Sadly, these are the heavy, wooden shutters that have been covering  the lower half of my windows.  They are important, so my neighbors don't get an unexpected shock, but I've never been happy with how much light they block.

 My solution:  I removed the urn pics from a pair of matching frames, and frosted their glass.  Then I attached chains, and hung them in front of the windows.  Now no one can see what I do/do not have on, and I get to soak up lots and lots of light. 

Do you see how gorgeous the sky is?

 A little unconventional, but when I'm in this room and all that beautiful light is flooding in.......well, I'm a happy, happy girl.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apothecary Jars - A Wintery Collection

Last year on my blog, The Lavender Tub, I shared a collection of apothecary jars and glass displays that are fun to change out for the different seasons.  You can see more about them, here, with some autumn ideas.  Today I'm sharing a wintery mix.

This raw cotton was grown and picked by our Aunt Dorothy.

The beads that grow when added to water look 
like small balls of ice.

 A frosted leaf in a frame and a little bird add some silver shimmer.

This fire and ice crystal candle holder 
looks like it's from Elsa's castle.

These lovely candlesticks used to be lamps.

It was a bit warm for us in Oklahoma today - 80 degrees.  It seems our winter is already passing, and these icy looks are past their time.  Around here we all know better, though.  The sun is just toying with us, and by Sunday it's supposed to be a low of 27.   

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Metal Letter Art - Easy Decorating

For my birthday in November I received this big metal letter from Hobby Lobby.

 It is pretty fun the way it is, but I can't seem to help myself in changing it up a bit.  By adding some silver shimmery ribbon held in place with magnets, it currently looks like this:

I know I have it easy with a letter H, but you can create curves with wired ribbon by pulling the wire on one side and gathering it to fit the shape of your letter - be it an "S" or a "P" or something.  This is a small wreath I made by gathering ribbon that way.

The size of this letter makes a nice statement.  I'm looking forward to changing it up with the seasons.  Stay tuned.....

Monday, January 26, 2015

Large Display Jar For My Office From Outdated Lamp

If you haven't guessed, I really like making things from old lamps.  Truth be told, cast off lamps really are my favorite source for materials.  Lamps are the accessories that dress up a room, but that is also what dates them so quickly.  Happily for me, there seems to be an endless supply of lamps to thrift just because they are out of fashion.

This lamp is a perfect example.  I think my friend said she found it on the curb and picked it up.  When she asked if I'd like it.....well, what do you think I would say?  My head started spinning with possibilities.  And here is how it looks now.  For Christmas I filled it with an assortment of different shaped ornaments.

I scraped and removed most of the painted floral motifs from the glass.  My plan was to remove them completely, but I really like this slight design better.

For a lid I topped it with a piece from a chandelier and a vintage glass doorknob.

A large jar adds such a nice touch to my office.

This is how it is currently displayed.  By the way, those are just cookie cutters from the Dollar Tree and some creamy tulle.  The cookie cutters are turning out to be my favorite Valentine decoration this year.

Aren't they interesting like this, too?  

I know this lamp idea is a little on the crazy side, but isn't this better than having all these fabulous parts just go to the dump?

I'm linking up at Tatertots & Jello

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vintage Floor Lamp to Towel Holder

If you've followed me on my other blog, The Lavender Tub, know I have a bathroom with a big lavender tub....hence the name.

It is such a great tub, and the fact that it is freestanding right in the middle of the floor is wonderful. At least it is wonderful until you need a towel and then it is a bit of a stretch to reach one.

When I found this vintage floor lamp at my neighbor/friend's garage sale for $1, I knew just what I wanted to use it for.  She knows of my crazy-out-there ideas.  I think she's been waiting to see what came of her lamp.

It is actually just perfect for what I need, and I love that I can move it next to the tub or off to the side.

Since a piece of the lamp was broken off, I found a pair of matching frames at the thrift store for 50 cents each and created this vintage sign to cover the broken spot.  (The frames are glued back-to-back.)  I also added this crystal from a Hobby Lobby Christmas ornament.

Although I cleaned it thoroughly, I love all of its age and imperfections.  No new paint desired.  I also love how heavy and sturdy it is, which is why remaking old items is the best.  You can't beat those solid, old materials.

I sure hope my friend approves!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A More Interesting Dining Table

If you're a person who uses your dining table for eating everyday, this may not be for you.  We used to be, but now my kids have flown the nest for most meals and this large table sits waiting for my little birds to all come home.

  While I do love to have something pretty on the table, I try to avoid the bowl-in-the-middle-with-a-candle-on-each-side look.  There is nothing wrong with that, I just want to add some unusual things so it doesn't feel quite so formal.

 Something like this adds such nice texture.  It just has to be included.

So, here is the look I'm going to try for a while and just change out pieces for the different seasons:  A large anchoring piece, something to hold even taller naturals/flowers, a tray with a plate of candles, and a compote filled with unexpected thingys.  Of course it's fun to try fresh things for each season, but it's also nice not to have to come up with totally new ideas for every area you wish to decorate.  If you want to - go for it!  This is just an alternative idea that kind of lets you do both.

Now comes the fun part for me.  For this chilly display, I anchored with a lamp I upcycled by removing the lamp hardware and topping with a finial.  I added a white compote filled with any kind of sparkling things I could find in my house, a thrifted tray filled with $ tree candles on a silver plastic charger, and finished off with some cherry blossom branches in a hurricane vase.  So simple.

You don't have to spend much, or anything at all, if you shop your home.  Just choose 2-3 colors, look for different textures, and containers that would provide the different heights to create interest.

A sparkly piece of fabric would look nice too, but I think the bold pattern of this old tablecloth is enough.  They are not snowflakes, but they kind of take on that feel.

Won't it be fun to change this out for Valentines Day?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Debut - Painting Beauty From Ashes

I cannot paint.  At least I cannot put on canvas the exact images my brain imagines or sees.  If it were so, I think I would accomplish little else in my life - for I would never stop.  Those of you who can......well, I'm completely enamored with what you can do.

I can, however, see potential and beauty in many things with little or no value -

 even ashes.

This blog is a silencing of that voice that say's I cannot, and a scrapbook of how I "paint" the world I live in with my unusual, found objects.  I hope you'll look around and have a little fun while you're here.