Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sweet Little Antique Lavender-pink Vanity

Doesn't this vanity look like a sweet, little Southern Belle?


 Would you believe it starting out looking like this?

Which is why I was able to pick it up for $13 (there's a story 
behind that price).  Don't you love buying furniture for $13?!!

I thought I would use it in my son's room for a bench, 
but he emphatically said, "No"!  
That's ok, I shall use it myself.

I painted it with a homemade plaster paint, then waxed with Annie Sloan clear and dark waxes.  I did use the TKO oil to control the dark wax, 
which you can read more about here.

It was my plan to distress it quite a bit, but I decided not to since there is a lot of pattern going on in my bathroom with all the tile and the floral curtain.  If I move it to a bedroom, I probably will distress it more.

I found the knobs at Hobby Lobby......so cute!

The shelf is a decorative piece I picked up at Hobby Lobby, 
as well.  It fits perfectly for the shelf and 
adds a nice touch of ornamentation.

I also painted some old, wooden filing boxes 
and added to the top for a little extra height.  

Luckily I had a mirror sitting around that had been 
removed from this garden chalk board project.
 It was just what was needed to finish off the vanity

This isn't the vanity I set out to find for this bathroom, 
but until I come across the perfect one
 - this is pretty cute.

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  1. Hi Ellie: Love to learn to do this. It looks hard. Your piece came out beautiful. You are a talented lady. Blessings, Martha