Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vintage Floor Lamp to Towel Holder

If you've followed me on my other blog, The Lavender Tub, know I have a bathroom with a big lavender tub....hence the name.

It is such a great tub, and the fact that it is freestanding right in the middle of the floor is wonderful. At least it is wonderful until you need a towel and then it is a bit of a stretch to reach one.

When I found this vintage floor lamp at my neighbor/friend's garage sale for $1, I knew just what I wanted to use it for.  She knows of my crazy-out-there ideas.  I think she's been waiting to see what came of her lamp.

It is actually just perfect for what I need, and I love that I can move it next to the tub or off to the side.

Since a piece of the lamp was broken off, I found a pair of matching frames at the thrift store for 50 cents each and created this vintage sign to cover the broken spot.  (The frames are glued back-to-back.)  I also added this crystal from a Hobby Lobby Christmas ornament.

Although I cleaned it thoroughly, I love all of its age and imperfections.  No new paint desired.  I also love how heavy and sturdy it is, which is why remaking old items is the best.  You can't beat those solid, old materials.

I sure hope my friend approves!


  1. Of course you did. I am ever in awe of your talent for seeing potential.

    1. You know me, lol. Thanks for the very kind words.