Friday, January 23, 2015

A More Interesting Dining Table

If you're a person who uses your dining table for eating everyday, this may not be for you.  We used to be, but now my kids have flown the nest for most meals and this large table sits waiting for my little birds to all come home.

  While I do love to have something pretty on the table, I try to avoid the bowl-in-the-middle-with-a-candle-on-each-side look.  There is nothing wrong with that, I just want to add some unusual things so it doesn't feel quite so formal.

 Something like this adds such nice texture.  It just has to be included.

So, here is the look I'm going to try for a while and just change out pieces for the different seasons:  A large anchoring piece, something to hold even taller naturals/flowers, a tray with a plate of candles, and a compote filled with unexpected thingys.  Of course it's fun to try fresh things for each season, but it's also nice not to have to come up with totally new ideas for every area you wish to decorate.  If you want to - go for it!  This is just an alternative idea that kind of lets you do both.

Now comes the fun part for me.  For this chilly display, I anchored with a lamp I upcycled by removing the lamp hardware and topping with a finial.  I added a white compote filled with any kind of sparkling things I could find in my house, a thrifted tray filled with $ tree candles on a silver plastic charger, and finished off with some cherry blossom branches in a hurricane vase.  So simple.

You don't have to spend much, or anything at all, if you shop your home.  Just choose 2-3 colors, look for different textures, and containers that would provide the different heights to create interest.

A sparkly piece of fabric would look nice too, but I think the bold pattern of this old tablecloth is enough.  They are not snowflakes, but they kind of take on that feel.

Won't it be fun to change this out for Valentines Day?


  1. Love how you pulled off this pretty vignette. Visiting from French Country Cottage.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    1. Thanks, Mary! I visit your blog frequently. Thanks for stopping by.