Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Carrie Lou's Bedspread

When I was a child, my granny had a red velvet bedspread on her guest bed for as long as I can remember.  I don't really recall who gave it to her, but I know she thought it was quite special.  So special, in fact, that us kids were not allowed to get on it at all, which made us believe it must be very, very valuable.

 One day during her latter years, she asked me if there was anything of hers that I thought was particularly special.  Well, since she was asking.........the forbidden bedspread was definitely in top running.  Never would I have believed that she would give it to me........but she did.

Because it was slightly on the small size for today's thick mattresses, and because of my family's less than enthusiastic affection for its red velvetyness, I left it tucked away in storage.  One day when I unpacked it, though, I decided there had to be a way to use and enjoy it.  With trembling, scissored hands, I carefully cut it into a large circle and the bedspread became a delicious tablecloth.

I would not dress a table with it for eating, but for a seasonal table meant to hold gifts or decor - it looks gorgeous.  I also fold it in half and use it as the skirt for our Christmas tree every year.  

To my sisters and me, it is a treasure as though it came from Queen Victoria, LOL.  To the rest of my family, it is that dreadful, red bedspread/tablecloth that mom can't seem to part with.  That's ok.  Traditions are all about keeping the memories of the past alive, at least for those doing the remembering.

Carrie Lou, I love you so, and miss you more than you will ever know.  You were a very special Granny, and I hope it would bring that special twinkle to your eye to see your precious, red bedspread still in use today.

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