Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apothecary Jars - A Wintery Collection

Last year on my blog, The Lavender Tub, I shared a collection of apothecary jars and glass displays that are fun to change out for the different seasons.  You can see more about them, here, with some autumn ideas.  Today I'm sharing a wintery mix.

This raw cotton was grown and picked by our Aunt Dorothy.

The beads that grow when added to water look 
like small balls of ice.

 A frosted leaf in a frame and a little bird add some silver shimmer.

This fire and ice crystal candle holder 
looks like it's from Elsa's castle.

These lovely candlesticks used to be lamps.

It was a bit warm for us in Oklahoma today - 80 degrees.  It seems our winter is already passing, and these icy looks are past their time.  Around here we all know better, though.  The sun is just toying with us, and by Sunday it's supposed to be a low of 27.   

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