Monday, January 26, 2015

Large Display Jar For My Office From Outdated Lamp

If you haven't guessed, I really like making things from old lamps.  Truth be told, cast off lamps really are my favorite source for materials.  Lamps are the accessories that dress up a room, but that is also what dates them so quickly.  Happily for me, there seems to be an endless supply of lamps to thrift just because they are out of fashion.

This lamp is a perfect example.  I think my friend said she found it on the curb and picked it up.  When she asked if I'd like it.....well, what do you think I would say?  My head started spinning with possibilities.  And here is how it looks now.  For Christmas I filled it with an assortment of different shaped ornaments.

I scraped and removed most of the painted floral motifs from the glass.  My plan was to remove them completely, but I really like this slight design better.

For a lid I topped it with a piece from a chandelier and a vintage glass doorknob.

A large jar adds such a nice touch to my office.

This is how it is currently displayed.  By the way, those are just cookie cutters from the Dollar Tree and some creamy tulle.  The cookie cutters are turning out to be my favorite Valentine decoration this year.

Aren't they interesting like this, too?  

I know this lamp idea is a little on the crazy side, but isn't this better than having all these fabulous parts just go to the dump?

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